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Interview With Manoj Poduval, Head Of Zurich Advisory Network (Zurich Insurance ME)

Editorial note: Manoj Poduval is Head of Zurich Advisory Network, a burgeoning distribution channel of Zurich International Life in UAE. He shares with Clarie Kwa, Chief Market Officer at 360F, how he syncs his twenty years of financial advisory and distribution experience, with 360F’s technology innovation to make Digital Advice a success for the global insurer with a local presence and commitment for over three decades.

Clarie: Digital Advice is built on the advice engine and solutioning optimizer, 360-ProVestment®. How have your advisors taken to the technology?

Manoj: We are proud to have contributed immensely, making the advice engine and optimizer Zurich-specific. Today, all our advisors use the tool. Digital Advice ensures that they perform a proper needs analysis and give consistent and unbiased recommendations.

Clarie: Why have your advisors been able to embrace the advice engine and optimizer?

Manoj: While I may have mandated our advisors to use it, I help them see the value. In the market, there is a lack of proper financial needs analysis ….