Low-/No-Code Admin Platform: PortControl


Our DNA: Fast, low-risk and scalable, with low/no-code 360-Transformer embedded in PortControl and API-first microservices

PortControl is the control panel for 360F’s microservices. Turns any excel-based modelling and business logic into high-performance and dynamic APIs and front-ends without coding and manual testing. Reduce time-to-market by 90%.


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Product and Business Logic Onboarding

Transform standardized and non-standardized excel files, and perform basic and complex calculations, for all Lines of insurance Business and Financial Advisory


Low Vendor Reliance, Firm Governance

Reduce vendor reliance as business is empowered to implement changes very quickly and independently, with auditable approval workflow process

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Automated and Seamless Connectivity

Auto-create, within minutes, APIs and front-ends from onboarded Excel logic, and data models, supported by full integration capabilities

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Constraint-Free, Unlimited and Automated Testing

Reduce time-to-market massively and supercharge reliability with automated and constraint-free testing for all kinds of logic calculations and modelling

Use Case Examples

Intermediated Advisory

For a market-leading insurer in Thailand, 360F used PortControl to onboard financial needs calculators, product recommendation business logic, financial insights modelling and multi-modal content unique to individual product, complete with automated testing in under 1 month, enabling an integrated all-in-one advisor app.

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Self-Directed Pre-Advisory

For a MNC insurer in Europe, 360F used PortControl to onboard the investment risk profiling logic and retirement needs calculator that supports a global customer base, enabling a cost-effective implementation of a web-based D2C SME offering

Unleash Richer Experience!

With the blend of no/low-code technology and up to 17 out-of-box API-first microservices, 360F offers a smart combination of SaaS and Custom-Built, giving the best of both worlds.