An engine that compares not only single investment and insurance products but also simulates any one or multiple products together to assess the customer fit

360-Compare® reduces the stress on your advisor to become product experts by automating technical comparison, no matter how complex or seemingly incomparable the products are. 360-Compare® makes comparison meaningful by contextualizing the products in your customer’s perspective.


Financial products are rarely standardized, making them tedious for advisers and consumers to compare beyond the basic pricing and impossible to determine the future fit with one’s overall financial profile.



What incumbents do:

Robo-retrieve as many data points as possible to compare pricing and illustrated projections.

The resulting comparison is strictly at product level and not in the customer’s context.

What we do instead:

We don’t stop at comparing price and features. We simulate the products in your customer’s life to assess how well they fit his/her needs and circumstances over time.


Why should we simulate?

Simulation is an analysis method which is easily verified, communicated, and understood. By being able to interact with a simulation model in action, both understanding and trust are quickly built.

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing:

Not every simulation has genuine intention

What 360-Compare® does


Robo-retrieve data points and complement with smart analytics and machine learning to complete dataset for product comparison


Simulate shortlisted products over 10,000 scenarios that are based on your customer’s profile to assess the fit over the planning time horizon


Immediate and long term


No more product pushing!

Let 360-Compare® simulation bring out the product’s goodness in your customer’s context


More trust!

Give your customers the chance to interact with 360-Compare® simulation in action so that they understand and therefore trust easier


Better sales!

With 360-Compare® capability to compare beyond basic pricing, you never need to engage in a price war



Offer the 360-Compare® power through your sales force, a chatbot or any setting that you can dream up.


Want to have the financial version of the Google Maps instead?

Let us help you automate the best-fit solution so you can nurture your customer relationship better than ever