360-Connect® is a native connector to import data from digital platforms and databases including MyInfo, SGFinDex, SugarCRM and Salesforce CRM. With instant connection, access legacy systems securely.



Out-Of-Box Connectivity

Offer standardised connectors for instant and risk-free set-up


Highly Configurable

Support customizations and mapping within each connector


Authentication Friendly

Provide front-end redirection to fulfil the authentication /authorization requirements



Display statistics of records pulled, and reports of synchronization

Use Case Examples

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Support My-Info
Type Integrations

Support authentication and data enrichment integrations. SingPass and MyInfo set country-wide authentication standards and eliminates data entry as individuals give consent for auto-retrieval of personal data from government sources. An ideal next-step is smart data enrichment with other 360F services.

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Identify Next Best Action
For Existing Customers

Legacy systems, especially policy admin, make seamless digital ecosystems challenging to implement. 360-Connect® can pull in-force policies data from the admin system with standardization, passing the data through other 360F services to identify engagement opportunities.

Unleash Richer Experience!

Combine 360-Connect® with other 360F API services. For example, use with 360-ProVestment® and 360-Portfolio® to support servicing e.g. identify portfolio adjustments including budget re-allocation and add-ons, portfolio re-balancing and coverage add-ons.