360-Quote® is a low-code and high-performance insurance quote engine that supports pre-sale and in-force (re-projection) illustrations that increases speed-to-market while reducing cost and risk.



Low-Code And Fuss-Free Product Onboarding

  • Enables easy upload of actuarial standardized/non-standardized excel file and configurable illustration templates
  • Supports all product types with product validations, calculations, formulas and benefit illustrations

Low Maintenance And
High Flexibility

  • Adapts easily to changes in actuarial excel file such as logic change and rate tables, supporting product versioning
  • Full integration capabilities with existing planning and insurance systems e.g. underwriting, and administration

Rich Functionalities,
Critical Ones Including:

  • Performs basic and complex calculations: forward, reverse, bi-directional,  sustainability-based premium, coverage, face value & policy values calculations
  • Enables automated testing for illustration values such as premiums and cash values, and auto-generation of APIs

Use Case Examples


Time to run a quote for a variable
universal life product

  • Legacy/Competitors: 2 – 10 minutes
  • 360-Quote®: 50 – 900 mseconds

Figures based on 360F’s implementation in production with clients



Time to onboard quote of a
unit-linked product with riders

  • Legacy/Competitors: 30 – 60 days
  • 360-Quote®: 1-2 days

Figures based on 360F’s implementation in production with clients

Risk And Cost

Budget proportion for IT development and testing of a savings product

  • Legacy/Competitors: 70%
  • 360-Quote®: 10%

Figures based on 360F’s implementation in production with clients

Unleash Richer Experience!

Combine 360-Quote® with other 360F API services. For example, use with 360-Compare® and 360-ProVestment® for enriched comparison within seconds.