360-HappiU® is a forecast scoring service for the customer’s future financial satisfaction. Built from the Nobel Prize-winning research on Behavioural Economics. Personalize the benchmark. Instinctive to understand.


Self-verification of financial advice is difficult. As sound financial advice takes comprehensive consideration of all financial objectives and profile of the customer synchronously, it takes an expert with a neutral stance to assess if the advice is optimal.

The layman customers are not empowered to take an educated role.



What incumbents do:

Incumbent scoring systems run the risk of being irrelevant and impersonal.

Financial ratios and benchmarks do not account for individual values, beliefs and lifestyles – thus only serve best as arbitrary references that find no reasonance or value with the individual customer.

What we do instead:

We personalize, simulate and score.

Built on the backbone of the Nobel Prize-winning research in Behavioral Economics, namely the Prospect Theory, we quantify the customer’s “peace of mind”.

We do this by factoring in the individual values, beliefs and lifestyles to establish the customer’s financial satisfaction criteria, against which the module simulates the future net wealth and utility to yield the HappiU score.

On a scale of 1 to 100, a high score means your customer’s financial future is expected to meet his/her satisfaction according to the personal standards for financial aspirations and protection needs.

How to use 360-HappiU®


Use on consumer-facing apps to onboard and engage customers continuously over their lifetime usage with insights


Show your customers how your proposed solutioning options will improve their scores and therefore their financial satisfaction


Immediate and long term


Pull, not push!

With 360-HappiU®, your customers become self-motivated to seek solutioning to improve their scores.


Better advice!

With 360-HappiU®, advice is stress-tested against the customer’s criteria. Advice quality becomes transparent.

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Stronger trust!

Let 360-HappiU® help your customers appreciate your proposed solutioning’s effect on their financial satisfaction


Happier ending!

Use 360-HappiU® insights to give your customers a sense of control with action points they can apply immediately



Let your customers get their HappiU scores and insights through your social media campaigns, B2C apps, affinity partners, sales force or any setting that you can dream up.


Want to give only and always the highest HappiU?

Let us help you configure the best solutioning bundle options to gain your customer’s confidence.