Zurich International Life expands ZurichPro’s digital end-to-end capabilities

ZurichPro, first launched seven months ago for new business distribution, raises the customer centricity quotient further by enabling distributors to service their customers’ in-force policies seamlessly from the same platform.

28 July 2021, Dubai/Singapore — 360F and Zurich International Life (Zurich) have partnered once more, this time, to expand ZurichPro’s digital capabilities in servicing in-force policies, especially with respect to reviewing their sustainability with re-illustration functionalities. The two companies had debuted ZurichPro in November 2020, digitizing the entire financial planning journey to create a paperless transaction and seamlessly integrate omni-channel distribution of their insurance products.

Simon Price, Head of Market Management at Zurich in the Middle East, says: “This is another step in our digital transformation journey, allowing advisors to seamlessly service customers for both new and existing business. As the leading life insurer in the market, we are proud to be able to show the way when it comes to digital transformation, bringing direct value to both end customers and advisors.”

The new functionality leverages the modern pricing engine that 360F had built in the first launch of ZurichPro. Running on an efficient and scalable codebase, the high-performance engine was further enhanced with in-force specific versioning logic and validation. 360F also implemented product modularization to help Zurich reduce future maintenance efforts, creating a strong business case alongside the resulting elevated customer centricity.

Michael Gerber, CEO of 360F, says that “We are grateful to be working with the market leader in the Middle East to develop a new level of distribution skills where the focus is not only on new business but also customer centricity as the baseline for any digital journey.”

ZurichPro today processes close to 2,000 quotations per day, 10,000 applications per month and connects with at least ten white-labelled digital distributors.

Media Contact

Anette Kamp Graakjaer

Senior Communications Manager,

Zurich International Life Limited, Middle East

Clarie Kwa

Chief Market Officer, 360F

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