The Secret Ingredient – A Financial Consultant’s Life Lessons

We had the pleasure of meeting Jaslyn, a senior financial consultant from Prudential Singapore. Before the interview, it would be reasonable to describe our relationship as strangers – we had introduced ourselves over LinkedIn just days before. Jaslyn, being in the running for Court of the Table(1), was having a very hectic year-end. Hence we thought it might be our lucky stars that she accepted our interview request.

It turned out to be more than just our stars. A driven and sincere lady, Jaslyn lives her life by a couple of pillars, amongst them are family, health and fitness and social relationships. Making time for new friendships (with us) is part of her balanced and very productive life.

Jaslyn’s life philosophy is cultivated from a conscious reflection of her past experiences. A regional HR director of an MNC just less than two years ago before she called it quits, Jaslyn defies the stereotypical perceptions of her next and current career as a financial consultant. Her motivation behind the mid-career switch stems from her genuine belief in the importance of life insurance and desire to steer away from the energy-wasting corporate politics.

In fact, it was during a retrenchment exercise she had to organize as a HR personnel that she witnessed the vulnerability of a salaried position. She recalls the emotional turbulence vividly and her struggle to keep an emotionless façade. Rather than being made helpless by corporate decisions, she decided she had to be in control to make a meaningful impact in her career.

Jaslyn has first-hand experience in appreciating life insurance. When her daughter was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, Jaslyn was devastated but thankful that her Prudential consultant had gotten her to purchase critical illness coverage before her daughter was born and hospitalization coverage thereafter. The insurance payout eased the financial impact and enabled Jaslyn to focus on bringing up her daughter. Hence when she decided to become a financial consultant, Prudential was an obvious choice for her.

The 30-minute-turned-an-hour long interview with Jaslyn made us realize the secret ingredients for her uber accelerated success as a financial consultant. Jaslyn is crystal clear about her motivation to succeed – this clarity sustains her drive. As importantly, she understands the paradox of work-life balance – that it takes smartness, courage & discipline to be productive, open-mindedness to renew perspectives and self-love to rejuvenate.

1Court of the Table (COT) is a prestigious membership status in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). MDRT is a global and independent association of more than 66,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 72 nations and territories. COT members achieve three times the requirements of a MDRT member.