The market’s first recommendation optimizer for PROtection and inVESTMENT products

360-ProVestment® automates hyper-personalized and robust solutioning based on Investment and Insurance products.

How does it work?

360-ProVestment® quantifies the customer’s financial happiness and hence help advisors to optimize their advice. 

The optimizer transforms the customer fact find data into a utility (mathematical) function that is unique to the customer. Against this function, it stress tests candidate products against scenarios based on the customer profile and available products. Around 40 million simulations are run to seek out the configuration that will yield the highest happiness score.

The result is the best-fit solution which maximizes the client’s overall financial well-being for wealth growth and protection.

Use Cases

360-ProVestment® is used by financial advisers, agents and relationship managers of all levels of expertise and experience and staff responsible for in-force management.

It is 100% API-enabled for a seamless journey from fact finding to straight-through applications.

The engine powers cross- and up-selling strategies, e.g.  expanding wallet share of in-force customers and converting EB group to individual life.