Scientific and Personalized Prediction of your Financial Needs

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New Generation of Customers wants control

Help them self-discover their financial needs

Create the intent

Help your Customers know what they need. Conversion is three times better when they are aware and develop the intent. It gets even better when the suggestion is based on their personal profile.

Personalize in real time

Our predictive model identifies the individual Customer’s needs relevance and risk. Choose up to four financial needs from our protection and wealth accumulation options to predict and display.

Give more than take

We take as little as ten questions to predict the Customer”s financial needs with maximum scientific reliability and validity. Take advantage of our user interface to give your Customer a slick experience.

Easy to understand

In under twenty-five words, we explain the numbers behind. The story develops as your Customer progresses through the experiential journey.

Use 360-NEEDSPROFILER® for immediate and long-term benefits

Based on live production analytics

Deploy with no fuss

We offer 360-NEEDSPROFILER® as API-first SaaS package, along with the user interface based on your brand identity for mobile and desktop usage, and monthly data analytics report.