360F Ranks 29th In The Financial Times
"High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific 2022"



We are pleased to be officially recognized as the Top 500 High-Growth Companies 2022 In Asia Pacific. Compiled by The Financial Times and Statista, the list includes only independent companies displaying 100% revenue growth every year for 3 years. Our top-and-bottom line is living proof of our value, consistency and reliability.

About 360F

360F is the innovation powerhouse of financial advisory. Having built up an ecosystem of microservices that enable anyone to receive and any adviser to deliver the best and self-verifiable advice throughout the customer lifetime, 360F transforms the usual uncomfortable and product-pushing exercise into an intuitive and inspiring one. In the world where people trust less and less readily, we future-proof banks, insurers and financial advisors.

360F is ranked 29th in the Financial Times “High-Growth Companies Asia Pacific 2022” Top 500, and 6th in The Straits Times’ “Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2022”. 360F is also among the top 20 in the 2019 Global Fintech Hackcelerator organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Winner of the Insurance vertical in the 2020 Hong Kong Fintech Week’s Global Fast Track Programme.

360F is headquartered in Singapore.

Media Contact:

Clarie Kwa

Chief Market Officer, 360F

+65 8163 3989