360F launches 360-NeedsProfiler with Zurich Middle East

Our heartiest congratulations to Zurich Middle East for launching the first digital D2C proposition in just 4 weeks! 360F partnered Zurich throughout from start to end of this ambitious journey. Albeit the need for remote delivery across at least three time zones, the 360F team remained steadfast in its standards, innovation and delivery.

It was definitely exciting for the 360F team to be integrating not only our very own 360-NeedsProfiler but also with a variety of partners for a whole suite of new services, including a new strategic pricing component, all on a state-of-the-art technology stack!


The 360-NeedsProfiler is an actuarial-based D2C engagement tool to raise customer’s needs awareness and readiness to purchase. The data intelligence give sales reps the contextual guidance to cross- and up-sell. After all, data is indeed the new oil.