360F and SBCN Announce Strategic Partnership in South Korea

This deal will localize 360-ProVestment® to integrate with the life insurers in South Korea.

16 December 2019, South Korea/Singapore – 360F, the trailblazing insurtech behind the behavioral finance-driven autopilot for financial happiness “360-ProVestment®”, and SBCN, leading fintech firm in South Korea for its artificial intelligence and big data financial applications, are proud to announce a software development and distribution partnership today. The co-operation will accelerate 360F’s global footprint in East Asia and advance its A.I. development.

As a start, both companies will focus efforts in localizing 360-ProVestment® to integrate with the life insurers in South Korea. 360F’s flagship product enables financial advice to not only be optimized for insurance and investments but also measurable in the context of the end customer’s self-defined financial happiness.

360-ProVestment® hyper-personalises the financial advice systematically and views the customer as a unique individual. It integrates itself into the financial institution’s existing customer journey, and then transforms customer data into a mathematical utility function unique to the customer. This function reflects the customer’s financial needs, aspirations, lifestyle preferences and constraints such as money and time.

This function allows a numerical and personalized score, which is called “HappiU” to be associated with the candidate products and/or solutions’ effect on the customer’s financial resilience and happiness, which they have defined for themselves. With this, the application goes on to prepare scenarios for stress testing.

360-ProVestment® treats risk as a statistical and probability concept. It constructs on average 3,000,000 multi-factor scenarios over the customer’s planning duration. These scenarios are based on the customer’s own mortality and morbidity risk probabilities and market risk exposure, using their input on factors such as their age and gender, and comparing their profiles with actuarial data.

360-ProVestment® then stress-tests the millions of possibilities within seconds to construct a financial solution that not only matches the customer’s preferences, but also yields the highest fulfilment in terms of their own self-defined financial resilience and financial freedom. The customer is free to explore alternative scenarios – all of which are based on his or her own data – before settling on what they personally find most perfect for them.

Meanwhile, SBCN is reputable for its real-time big data processing and A.I. strategy generation, and development capabilities to meet the needs of the financial institutions.

“With 360F algorithm and SBCN’s AI technology, we will be able to achieve good results in the insurance and asset management fields using robo-advisor in the Korean market”, Daniel Sohn co-founder of SBCN mentioned. “The collaboration between insurtech and robo-advisor leaders will provide better services to the customers and we look forward to great achievements in the future” added John Lee, co-founder of SBCN.

“This cooperation is an important milestone in our globalization journey. Having entered and analyzed the South Korean market through the K-Startup Grand Challenge where 360F has been listed as top 40 most innovative companies, we are convinced of 360-ProVestment®’s relevance in this country”, 360F’s CEO Michael Gerber noted. “SBCN’s openness and innovative thinking is a good match for 360F. “We look forward to making a meaningful impact together in South Korea” added Clarie Kwa, 360F Chief Market Officer.


360F offers banks and insurance companies a game-changing digital solution that helps financial service advisors construct self-evidently apt financial solutions for their clients in real time; solutions that are holistic and hyper personalized. With their flagship product 360-ProVestment®, 360F makes financial foresight accessible for all – enabling financial institutions, advisors and clients, so that they can offer unbiased and hyper-personalized financial advice, delivering trust and engagement. A modular autopilot, 360-ProVestment® has an award winning algorithm based on Behavioural Science. Essentially, 360F brings customer centricity to a new level by enabling one’s self-defined financial resilience and freedom to be measured and maximized with consistent reliability, and by making it easy to evaluate advice in insurance and investment.


SBCN is a Korea-based corporation, leading the A.I. and big data industry in the financial market. To date, it has successfully developed platforms for big data processing and artificial intelligence, refining financial big data in real time and generating AI strategies. SBCN is an award-winning graduate of the Hanwha Dream Plus accelerator program and has attracted investments from conglomerates including the Shinhan group.

Media Contact:

Clarie Kwa

Chief Market Officer, 360F

+65 8163 3989